Start from 12:00 Oct,4th,2021(JST) On sale worldwide

1st series

Start from 12:00 Oct,4th,2021(JST)
On sale worldwide

1st memorial NFT trading card series of Momokuro
「10th-anniversary Tokyo Dome LIVE」

The legendary live performance that marked the beginning of Team Diamon Four is
now available as a special NFT trading card.

「Playing Cards」Motif
NFT trading card

Totally 52 cards will be on sale

Limited 2,888 packs
10 cards in 1 pack (26 patterns)

Sales price

OpenSea: ETH(to be determined)
The selling price will be determined according to the Ethereum rate at the time of sale.
PassMarket: 10,800 yen (tax included)

There are many hidden messages
on the cards!

Hidden elements to collect!

For example,
Kanako Momota's birthday is July 12th.
If you put the backs of the "7" and "12" cards together...

There is a winning pack in the pack!

The prize of the winning pack

Those who draw the winning pack will receive a piece of the "member's autograph illustration color paper" that is specified on the back of this NFT.
The winner of the winning pack will be announced on this website on "October 18."
(Don't forget to come and check it out!)

super special incentives
for meeting the requirements!

limited credits for 1st series

1st series:collect more than 22 Momokuro Trading cards
Get one FREE 「JOKER」NFT card
Note 1
Reward will be granted only when you collect 22 cards on a single marketplace.
  • (e.g.)
  • If you collect 10 cards from OpenSea and 20 cards from PassMarket, you will have obtained a total of 30 cards, but you will not be eligible for the reward.
Note 2
If you own 22 cards as of 10/17 23:59, you will be eligible for this award.
  • (e.g.)
  • If you buy two packs and get 20 cards, and then buy two cards in the secondary distribution by 10/17, you will receive a "JOKER." (To be awarded sequentially after 10/24)

What is NFT?

NFT means.
"NFT is "digital data with a certificate of authenticity and ownership that cannot be falsified. Like cryptographic assets (virtual currencies), NFTs are issued and traded on a blockchain. The digital data on the blockchain is difficult to copy or alter, and the digital data can have an asset value.

How to purchase

  • Start from 12:00 Oct,4th,2021(JST)
    On sale worldwide
    Purchase from「OpenSea」

    <Payment method>

  • Start from 12:00 Oct,4th,2021(JST)
    On sale worldwide
    Purchase from「PASSMARKET」

    <Payment method>
    PayPay balance
    Credit Card
    (JCB,VISA,MasterCard,American Express)

Note: Secondary distribution is only possible on the marketplace where you purchased the product.